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Still Alive is a third-person online action game where up to five players face off a battle arena where only one warrior can make it out alive. Matches have a maximum length of 10 minutes which is enough time to try to finish off all your opponents.

Moving your character around each scene you'll use your virtual cross pad located on the left while moving your camera. Aiming only requires that you slide towards the right side. On the right side of your screen there's also attack buttons, 'sprint' and other skills.

One of the most interesting elements of play in Still Alive is that using special skills means you'll first have to manufacture the corresponding tools. And to that effect you'll have to collect gears scattered all over the stage. This forces you to be in constant movement while fighting off other players.

Still Alive is a multiplayer action game offering a very entertaining combat system and excellent visuals. The only problem with the game is that it tends to draw on becoming quite long if players are well experienced enough.
Still Alive is a terrific online action game to enjoy today

It's increasingly normal to find Android games that require an Internet connection to play. Maybe this is good, maybe not. Whatever the final balance, on the positive side is the fact that once we're online we've got all the boxes ticked to be able to enjoy a good multiplayer game. Still Alive has become a new flashpoint in online multiplayer gaming and it's got plenty of reasons to make it big.
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Android 4.0.3 or higher required.

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